Ride Quality Release 2016.11.16

The Ride Quality program is used to process data collected by inertial profilers using the Texas Department of Transportation standard format specified in Tex-1001-S and to generate a report detailing financial penalties and bonuses as applied to paving contracts.

The program will be installed to the default location of Program Files\RideQC directory when the setup program is run.  This setup was designed for computers running Windows XP and later versions. The initial installation requires about 7Mbytes of disk space for all the program files.

Follow these instructions

Remove any previous installations of the above programs before installing.

Close any applications currently running on your system.

Download the installation file RideQC_2016_Install.exe to your computer, then double-click on the file to begin the installation.

After unzipping the programs go to the directory where they were created and start the program from there.

If you wish to install shortcuts create them in the program folder and then drop them on your desktop or Start button. 

All files are downloaded to the Program Files directory of your computer.

Program Removal
Go to the Program Files directory of your main hard drive and delete the RideQC directory.  Check first that you did not store any data in that directory you may want to keep. If you have any questions please email Jeff Howdeshell at

If you have trouble installing the programs or getting them to run correctly read the following:

If an error message appears and the program fails send the message text to the email address above with a phone number to call back to.  If you know how to do screen shots this is even more helpful.  Emails which say “My program won’t run.” with no documentation won't be answered.

Do all your work on a local drive, not a networked drive.  It will also make the analysis MUCH faster when dealing with large files.

Keep your work files in a separate area from the program installation.

Page updated on 11/17/2016